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Welcome to ABOT College of Health Sciences and Technology

Becky and I welcome you to ABOT College of Health Sciences and Technology. ABOT (an acronym for ABrafi and OToo, concatenated) is poised to be a specialty tertiary educational institution. ABOT is a family-owned private institution. After she has practiced as a nurse for nearly twenty years in the USA, Becky and I decided to integrate the disciplinary areas of health sciences with my over thirty-years of training, teaching and research in applied computing technology in the USA, to create ABOT as a state-of-the-practice environment for effective instructional delivery, research, and training of students. The uniqueness of ABOT is grounded in its focus, its adoption of technology-driven and state-of-the-practice instrumentation, and its vision to research and develop hardware and software solutions aimed at supporting healthcare instruction, delivery, and management. Our nursing, midwifery, and computing technology students study side-by-side and exchange ideas that lead to innovation. Our facilities are par excellence, including over 150-bed occupancy in two residential halls; state-of-the-art clinical/demonstration and network of computer laboratories; a library with holdings of both print and e-books which are accessible on 24/7 basis using ABOT’s intranet and Internet connectivity; classrooms equipped with Learning Management System interfaces; a secured environment; and an overall atmosphere for learning that is underscored by good nutritional services, healthy lifestyle, a basic amenities like 24/7 water-resource for all students and staff. We welcome people of all races, gender, creed, nationality, and those with physical challenges. Browse through the website for gems of information! COME visit ABOT Campus!! COME and see for yourself!!! THEN come and join the ABOT family!!!!

Prof. Patrick Otoo Bobbie, PhD
Founder and CEO